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Impact of Social Media

Emerge of social media has influenced communication and information technology. Mobile devices are dominant and people spent the most time online via them. With the help of mobile technology, everyone can connect at any place or time. There are many reasons why people have the need to share information. Some of them want to build a certain image, engage with others and keep in touch, or to get involved in the world’s happenings. No matter what the reasons are, they helped social networks in evolving. Nowadays, they can have a real effect on society regarding many questions. Technology is using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours. What comes next, are the impacts of social media on people and their lives.

Social media

The Effect on Politics

More than half of the percent of the population gets all the information from social media. The influence of social media on politics has tremendously increased. Now, they play a big and quite an important role.

The Effect on Society

There is no doubt it made a great impact on society and its everyday life. For example, Facebook users are a quarter of the population in the world. On this platform, anyone can find people that share the same interests and opinions. It enables people to find someone similar to them with whom they can interact. This is much harder to do in real life. However, it does affect real activism by turning into “slacktivism”. People express their concern, but they don’t engage in social issues. They are not active since they only share contents and press on the “Like” button.

The Effect on Development and Training

Social media has become a tool for learning and a number of educational institutions are using Facebook, Twiter, Blogs, LinkedIn and wiki for that purpose. People believe that sharing on social media plays an important role in encouraging interaction. Thus, it provides an environment which affects learning.

The Effect on Moral of People

Social media promotes positive changes but affects social ills as well. One of those ills is cyberbullying that has no extent. Teenagers are using this platform for negative purposes. They insult others, share false rumours and so on. All of that is pressuring them to grow up way too fast in such online world. Their need to fit in and be popular extends to using social media as a tool for that. Besides this, there is also a lack of privacy. There are many threats to users of social media, such as personal attacks, stalking or identity theft. On the other hand, it is the users own mistake when they share contents they shouldn’t.