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MOKO Results

The end of the year is near and MOKO has announced its results for this time of the year. The results kept increasing and the new statistics are satisfying. They are a reflection of the previously taken strategic decision which was to focus on only one market. That market is for the students of US since they are targeted audience. We continued with that strategy since it gave an increase in all of the parts. Other than concentrating on one market, the plan was to leave other categories as well. There were new moves besides these ones, but these two stayed relevant after giving improved results. ‘REC*IT continue to grow among the users since MOKO has a foothold that is strong in colleges of US. That foothold was previously established and it remained the same until now. The number of students is only getting bigger.


The most important achievements are the first launches that count 1,033,000. It is a milestone but we will keep on working for achieving even greater results in the future. The increase is 46% when it comes to Page Views. The number of added colleges is increased since MOKO’s exposure has increased over time. The CEO of MOKO, Shripal Shah, proudly stated that surpassing their first million justified their belief in REC*IT and the value it provides college students as well as administrators. He added how sure and certain he is that the value will stay relevant. Even so, we are working on every detail to update the app. Our goal is to maintain their spot the way it is, without dropping to less positive results. The aim of MOKO is to keep going up using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours.


Important Announcement

This achievement is a true milestone, but it is not an only update. We are quite excited to announce that we added more than 376,799 Unique Visitors. They are the ones responsible for over 71.6 million Page/Screen Views. That is about 190 Page/Screen Views on average per student. We are proud of that achievement and we take it pretty seriously. Since we saw this kind on an upgrade is possible, we are not planning on stopping. We received positive feedback from our users and we are planning to keep it that way. Our community is growing among the students and colleges step by step. These levels of engagement and the take-up of our REC*IT has only confirmed our beliefs that the product is engaging our targeted market – US students. Plus, new projects and updates are in the process.

To Sum It Up

We are still working on improving our app and enhancing the number of its launches. We are guessing the increase will continue over the time and that the future goals will be met. MOKO announces the results every quarter and the difference is visible. With having the last results in mind, we aim for more in a certain period of time.