Achieved Results in 2018.

MOKO made a strategic decision in a previous year and the results are positive. They wanted to solely focus on one part and to neglect everything else. The decision was to put US student market in first place. Their intention was to stop concentrating on other categories of business and put all the work into one. That plan turned out to be successful. They didn’t spend time on different categories because it would take their time. In the end, results would be partial and unsatisfying. By concentrating on only one specific market, they were able to investigate more. MOKO reached out and understood the demands of this certain market.


The exposure of MOKO increased quite a lot. The exposure went up to over than half of population which includes US college students. In a period of six months, 125 new colleges were added to their list. Another highlight was the execution of a marketing partnership. It was ‘REC*IT first partnership with an important US brand. That move enhanced the name MOKO even more. New partnerships are waiting to be executed. Other brands are getting interested and that will lead to even more satisfying results in the near future.

Future Goals

MOKO has gotten a lot of proposals and they are reviewing them all as well as all possible options. Their aim is to enhance the value of the shareholders, so they can execute their strategy. MOKO made a strong foothold in the colleges of US and in highschools too. That market is giving them a good response and new opportunities. They plan to spread their foothold and make even better results using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours.

Future Goals

A Decrease in Total Expense

The only thing that decreased was its total expense. It lowered by 5% to $20.1m. Marketing made reductions as well as the benefit expenses for employees. In a previous year, net cash that was used for operations estimated $14.8m. This year, that amount dropped to $12.9m which is a significant difference. MOKO is not stopping when it comes to finding new and improved strategies. There are a lot of more options that they are taking into consideration. These numbers showed there is always room for improvement and enhancement.

New Ideas

MOKO commenced with another app which should help in managing recreational programs and facilities. App making is in the process and they are paying attention to every detail. After this one is finished, MOKO has a few more as sketches. Upcoming apps are not finished and they are yet to be thoroughly planned. There are more different ideas that are discussed. In the end, MOKO might choose only one app to launch, if they find it appropriate. There is a big possibility that the company will launch more apps at once, according to their chairman. He says they are bringing even more innovations and one might not be enough. He continues that the presented ideas are various but equally good and efficient. Therefore, the results in the upcoming years might be even more surprising and satisfying than in this one.