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What is Blockchain Technology?

Many are unaware of this term and what it represents. Some of the people, who have heard of it, think it is a new internet. Is it really? It is, without any doubt, an invention that is ingenious. Over time, this technology evolved and people started asking about it. They wanted to know what it is and why is it getting so much recognition.

How Does It Work?

What blockchain technology does is it creates a part of a new kind of internet. It doesn’t copy digital information, it distributes it. In the beginning, it was created for Bitcoin. Nowadays, the technology community has found more potential in it. Everybody has heard of Bitcoin, it is so-called “digital gold”. Its currency is about $112 billion US. Blockchain is able to make different kinds of digital value. However, you don’t really need to know how it works. You can use it without that knowledge, like the internet. Still, it can’t harm you to know a little about it. This technology is thought of as revolutionary, and since 2018, blockchain developers are in high demand. They are using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours.

Robustness and Durability of Blockchain

When it comes to its durability, blockchain technology won’t fail. It cannot be in a control of one entity. Since the Bitcoin was invented, in 2008, its blockchain didn’t have problems with operating. It there was any malfunction, it was due to mismanagement or hacking. The concept itself wasn’t causing disruption, human mistake and bad intention were. What blockchain does is it solves the issue of manipulation.

Robustness and Durability of Blockchain

Security With Blockchain

Everyone worries about their safety and privacy because they know how easy it is to get hacked or tricked. The security with blockchain is enhanced and there is no risk when it comes to your data. Blockchain stores the data around its network. You are at risk when the data is stored centrally which is exactly what this technology avoids. Most of the people rely on their username or password, but that is not a reliable option. That type of system is not enough to protect us. Security method that blockchain is using is encryption technology.

Impact of Social Media

Emerge of social media has influenced communication and information technology. Mobile devices are dominant and people spent the most time online via them. With the help of mobile technology, everyone can connect at any place or time. There are many reasons why people have the need to share information. Some of them want to build a certain image, engage with others and keep in touch, or to get involved in the world’s happenings. No matter what the reasons are, they helped social networks in evolving. Nowadays, they can have a real effect on society regarding many questions. Technology is using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours. What comes next, are the impacts of social media on people and their lives.

Social media

The Effect on Politics

More than half of the percent of the population gets all the information from social media. The influence of social media on politics has tremendously increased. Now, they play a big and quite an important role.

The Effect on Society

There is no doubt it made a great impact on society and its everyday life. For example, Facebook users are a quarter of the population in the world. On this platform, anyone can find people that share the same interests and opinions. It enables people to find someone similar to them with whom they can interact. This is much harder to do in real life. However, it does affect real activism by turning into “slacktivism”. People express their concern, but they don’t engage in social issues. They are not active since they only share contents and press on the “Like” button.

The Effect on Development and Training

Social media has become a tool for learning and a number of educational institutions are using Facebook, Twiter, Blogs, LinkedIn and wiki for that purpose. People believe that sharing on social media plays an important role in encouraging interaction. Thus, it provides an environment which affects learning.

The Effect on Moral of People

Social media promotes positive changes but affects social ills as well. One of those ills is cyberbullying that has no extent. Teenagers are using this platform for negative purposes. They insult others, share false rumours and so on. All of that is pressuring them to grow up way too fast in such online world. Their need to fit in and be popular extends to using social media as a tool for that. Besides this, there is also a lack of privacy. There are many threats to users of social media, such as personal attacks, stalking or identity theft. On the other hand, it is the users own mistake when they share contents they shouldn’t.

MOKO Results

The end of the year is near and MOKO has announced its results for this time of the year. The results kept increasing and the new statistics are satisfying. They are a reflection of the previously taken strategic decision which was to focus on only one market. That market is for the students of US since they are targeted audience. We continued with that strategy since it gave an increase in all of the parts. Other than concentrating on one market, the plan was to leave other categories as well. There were new moves besides these ones, but these two stayed relevant after giving improved results. ‘REC*IT continue to grow among the users since MOKO has a foothold that is strong in colleges of US. That foothold was previously established and it remained the same until now. The number of students is only getting bigger.


The most important achievements are the first launches that count 1,033,000. It is a milestone but we will keep on working for achieving even greater results in the future. The increase is 46% when it comes to Page Views. The number of added colleges is increased since MOKO’s exposure has increased over time. The CEO of MOKO, Shripal Shah, proudly stated that surpassing their first million justified their belief in REC*IT and the value it provides college students as well as administrators. He added how sure and certain he is that the value will stay relevant. Even so, we are working on every detail to update the app. Our goal is to maintain their spot the way it is, without dropping to less positive results. The aim of MOKO is to keep going up using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours.


Important Announcement

This achievement is a true milestone, but it is not an only update. We are quite excited to announce that we added more than 376,799 Unique Visitors. They are the ones responsible for over 71.6 million Page/Screen Views. That is about 190 Page/Screen Views on average per student. We are proud of that achievement and we take it pretty seriously. Since we saw this kind on an upgrade is possible, we are not planning on stopping. We received positive feedback from our users and we are planning to keep it that way. Our community is growing among the students and colleges step by step. These levels of engagement and the take-up of our REC*IT has only confirmed our beliefs that the product is engaging our targeted market – US students. Plus, new projects and updates are in the process.

To Sum It Up

We are still working on improving our app and enhancing the number of its launches. We are guessing the increase will continue over the time and that the future goals will be met. MOKO announces the results every quarter and the difference is visible. With having the last results in mind, we aim for more in a certain period of time.


MOKO Further Growth

The statistics say that their leading app REC*IT is growing with more than 889,000 first launches until 6th October 2016. REC*IT has achieved a certain success. The results are higher compared to the year before. It demonstrates the increase of 43% compared to last year. That means the number of first launches increased with 154,000 new launches. Besides that, the number of unique visitors has also grown. That number is 241,000 which means, that the increase demonstrates 65% more than in the year before at the same period. That is not all since screens that were viewed per session got 13 more, demonstrating the increase of 33% more in comparison to the previous year.

MOKO Board Innovations

The CEO of MOKO states that their product has widely engaged the market of US students. The number of students has went up with the help of REC*IT take-up. MOKO has its future goals in mind and that is to revenue the growth. Besides that, the plan is to drive their sales. The plan is to do so by leveraging their leading position. With the help of new faces in the company, MOKO will take its business to a completely whole new level. Their aim is to forge more brand partnerships in the near future. As previously mentioned, the company has a new set of hands. They are experienced and have much expertise.


Malcolm James

Mr. James is experienced in project development, public company management and in finance. He has more than 30 years of experience altogether. He has worked overseas in a few countries. Currently, he is MRJ Advisors’s principal. Mr. James worked in several companies where he showed his capability and leadership. The capital he has been involved with is more than $2.5 billion, including debt raising as well. He is committed and hardworking, and statistics says it for itself. Other than that, he has done philanthropic work overseas, but in Australia too. He was fighting to promote employment that was long-termed.

James Ross

Mr. Ross is a second new face with amazing and various experience. He has worked on many projects where he showed his skills and capability. With his and Mr. James’s ideas, MOKO has big plans for its future. They are already working on new, improved projects. When it comes to Ross’s positions, he is General Manager for FanDuel at the moment. That is a large company, the largest in its field. He provided them with guidance and expertise in a period of growth that was unprecedented. Before FanDuel, he worked for Palace Sports. His role was of a Vice President that included Strategy and Business Operations for the company.  Prior to that, he had senior roles and senior positions at other companies such as Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.


Mr. Ross attended the University of Colorado where he got a BS in Journalism. His major was Public Relations, and he justified his diploma over the time, showing his strategic skills. In 1991, he attended the Executive Program of Sports Management Institute.