The company MOKO was founded in 2004 and its headquarters are in Alexandria, Virginia. The Chairman of the company is Greg McCann. What we do is provide content for groups that include students, political supporters and such. Since those communities have the same interests, they need to be in touch and communicate often. MOKO enables them to interact efficiently on a regular basis. We want to focus on the market of US students and nothing else. Next step is to keep our cash flow and to abandon other business categories. That will help us in maintaining our focus and concentrating on it.

The Goal of Our Company

The aim of MOKO is to become a choice to its targeted audience when it comes to interaction and information. Our method is creating content that is exclusive. Besides that, we provide platforms that help previously mentioned communities in sharing their content across mobile devices. We are a leading US college platform. Our success comes from using blockchain technology and algorithms to develop social media networking applications based on user behaviours. MOKO established a firm foothold in the colleges of US as well as schools. Our exposure is increasing and getting more recognition over time.